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About Us

We believe strongly in championing women in sports. We, therefore, want to do our part in contributing towards the road to equality in sports, however small that part may be. So, we are proud to introduce our initiative towards improving the visibility of female sports organizations and athletes today and beyond called:  Women in sports: beyond the hashtag

Our mission and aim with this program is to “create advocacy for women’s sports online so that women’s sports can begin to gain the recognition, respect, and value they inherently have but are often not recognized within the industry and without.” 

The bottom line is: we want to create tangible value for women's sports.

Why You Should Join Our Community

If you would like to:

1. Meet other people working within sports

2. Learn more about how you can increase your revenue and engage with your fans better

3. Gain insights on working data-driven, current sports marketing trends, and how you can work with your supporter data

4. Share your own experience and story with like-minded people

5. Find opportunities for collaboration within the sports industry

Then this is the community for you.

About Data Talks

Data Talks CDP is a Customer Data Platform built specifically for sports. We make it easy for sports organizations to sell more tickets, negotiate sponsorship agreements of higher value, and increase merchandise sales. We are an international company with Swedish roots, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Some of our proud clients include RC Lens, The Austrian Ice Hockey Association, PAOK FC, AIK, the Swedish Golf Federation, and Collingwood FC.